Choosing a law firm - you choose a business partner!

PE "Eleron" was founded in 2005, and since then a team of specialists in different areas of Finance and Law specializes in providing professional help. Our task - to achieve pleasing results to the client. We never talk about the difficulties - we do our job!

The main advantage of PE "Eleron" in front of hundreds of similar is the practical approach to the law. Even in the case of consulting side, we give our customers enough tangible benefits, we give only rational and targeted recommendations.

We are often approached by a variety of issues, and we are ready to consider each. If our company touched non-standard problem, we will use the existing behind knowledge and experience, so with pride and as soon as possible to settle the matter. Our experts always focus on every detail, because it is such times can be crucial.

We are well aware of the fact that each service, like a man who is unique, and therefore act as your organization requires. Search for new, fresh solutions - all of us. And if you're ready to finally deal with the sore, trust our experts!

We will be happy to help anyone who needs the following services:

We also carry out paid online consultation in which you have the opportunity to ask any question you and get a meaningful response or useful recommendations for further action.

Remember that act independently in the resolution of a particular legal problems is extremely dangerous. The risk, of course, worthy of respect, but in our case it is not appropriate.

Our principals that we are ready to guarantee professional legal support, privacy and maximum efficiency!