Accounting support and advice of legal entities and physical person entrepreneurs

Outsourcing or accounting services - a great opportunity for the development and promotion of business. Thanks to this service, you can forget about the problems with record keeping and accounting, which is very important for any business, understanding: reporting - not a pleasant occupation. You never know at what moment was coming verification. If during such determination is misfiled documents, claims from tax cannot be avoided.

PE "Eleron" provides accounting support services, and provides this kind of consultation. We know that the current accounting is closely link to the financial future of any company. Surely, every manager dreams about an employee who skillfully combined to a bookkeeper, personnel officer, and lawyer and tax consultant. Such a move will defend the interests of the client before inspecting, save from taxes and penalties, will prompt the best out of a difficult situation. Moreover, these pros are working in our company!

Turning to our experts, you are guarantee to receive professional support in the face of the person to delve into the changes in the legislation, is responsible for the quality of work and always ready to resolve any situation.

Also, save you money in the form of:

1) Payment of the payroll tax accountant
2) purchase of furniture, equipment, software and accessories for the workplace. In addition, time when looking for a replacement accountant when his dismissal or ensuring its provision of the law leave (sick)

Our company offers a resort to accounting support:

  • The service firms;
  • Personnel records;
  • Preparation and submission of reports;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the funds;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Restoration of accounting.

We are also prepared to advise our principals relative to the last moment.

Use the service accounting support can both physical and legal persons. The final will be assist on a monthly or one-time escort.

Our lawyers also provide support to individual entrepreneurs. Must prepare and submit reports or seek professional advice? For us it is not a problem!

We remind you that accounting support is important to pass into the hands of a true professional. The fact that the work of even the most experienced accountant is difficult to define, but when contacting our company you will be able to get service several staff members specializing in different areas stipulate direction.

Every client we guarantee precision and order.