Getting Extract (Vytyag), extracts, certificates

Very often there is a situation where, performing various legal actions, an individual - entrepreneur or CEO, speaking owner firms must provide their counterparties extract from the state register.

The excerpt contains the complete information and accurate data entrepreneur or organization accounts series and number, and print with the signature body which registered. Sample extract must be officially approved and the document legal force equal to the registration certificate and an official prior to the termination of the organization.

For convenience and to save customers time, the firm PE "Eleron" is ready to provide a service for obtaining extracts from the state registry. The entire procedure takes two working days and will require the customer only passport, power of attorney and a statement stamped. Our experienced lawyers for the client to fill in the request form, necessary for the issuance of the document, and pay state duty.

In addition to standardized form Extracts from the state registry often raises the question of obtaining extracts from such. Extract (Vytyag) displays current information about the legal person / entrepreneur is valid on the date of formation of extraction. Services for obtaining extraction can be provided upon customer's request within one to two days and requires a minimum package of documents (request for extradition).

Payment of duty - another concern of our specialists. As a rule, state duties included in the cost of the service provided.

Unlike the two previous types of securities, reference reflects the totality of the registration procedures undertaken in respect of the requested subject, or the absence of such procedures.

For registration actions include: change of the legal status of the client, his name, address and other changes that require reflection in the registry. We will help you to get this help in the short term, protecting you from paperwork and saving you time.

     Request for extradition, attorney client - that is required to provide a list of the service of documents.